06 September 2013 · General · Press

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Moa Beer is considering changing its plans for its new brewery in Marlborough following an outcry from French-owned Cloudy Bay wines.

Cloudy Bay claims Moa wants to erect “an industrial-scale brewery” that “has no place in such a world famous wine-growing region”.

Moa CEO Geoff Ross says the brewer is considering housing its new facility in a ‘winery’ to appease the French.

“As the image below shows, our new brewery will easily fit inside one of Cloudy Bay’s six buildings. So we’ll consider creating a building, smaller than one of Cloudy Bay’s wine rooms, calling it a winery, and putting our brewery inside.

“Surely they couldn’t have an issue with that? But seriously, aren’t Cloudy Bay’s objections just a case of the pot calling the kettle black?”

An aerial image of Cloudy Bay winery in Marlborough: the red outline shows the dimensions of Moa Beer’s planned brewery


  • Mrs E says:
    September 8, 2013 at 4:06 am · Reply

    Hi there,

    I’m as outside an observer as they get – a woman in Britain who developed a taste for Moa beer while I was staying in Blenheim for a little while. I’m a confimed lager drinker and I can cheerfully say that I’ve never enjoyed any beer more than I enjoyed drinking Moa.

    What an extraordinary thing then to mosey on by here and discover the hitherto unheard of ‘need’ for beer to be brewed on an industrial estate. I’d be questioning the sanity of anyone who said that out loud.

    Maybe I’m being naive, but to a casual observer driving around the winemaking areas in Marlborough, every winery looks like a private industrial estate. The size of operation varies but it’s all the same – a clean and sanitary working and wine storing space. Kind of how people would like it to look I expect, if they’re going to consume the product. And even if they’re not.

    Marlborough’s rural environment starts in the background of all the landscape photos though, surely? Because the Wairau Plains undeniably look like wall-to-wall factory farming for grapes. From an airplane all you can see is row after row of regimented, constrained, man made plantations stretching as far as the land is flat. Just like your aerial photo here, you instantly lose all sense of scale due to the endless lines.

    Most of those vines need tons of chemicals to be pumped onto them year in, year out just to keep them healthy and productive. Some years they can be too productive and then people don’t even make any money from growing them because of the wine industry setting the price for grapes.

    If that’s what the monoculture of making wine is all about, how can there be such limited space for people who can make outstandingly good beer? Marlborough should be shouting about it from the rooftops.

    To the outsider, it’s a pleasant surprise when you see any fields at all around Blenheim with cows or sheep in them and personally I’d think the same when I saw a beer brewery, “That’s a nice change”.

    More power to your elbows, guys, and here’s to your future landmark brewery.

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