MOA "4 more years" Beer — a 2011 RUGBY BEER

Style: Coffee Infused Imperial Stout
ABV: 12.1%
Serving glass: Tulip

Bottle Size: 375ml
Limited Release of 440 Bottles.

‘Moa “Four More Years” Beer’ is a big, gutsy coffee infused Imperial Stout that was brewed in the days following New Zealand’s rugby triumph in 2011 and lovingly aged for four years in French oak barrels in the Moa cellar.
Partly inspired by our boys’ victory in the final where they had the French over a barrel for most of the match, Guatemala coffee beans were added with an eye on 2015 when the title of world’s best would once again be up for grabs, this time on English soil where viewing times back home would be less than ideal.
Rich, dark roasted malt and leather characters are complemented by a delicate coffee aroma that exudes a typical freshly roasted coffee and handmade chocolate flavour.

Released: September 2015