Moa Cascara Cider

Style: Oak Fermented Cider infused with Coffee Cherry Skins
ABV: 6%
Serving Glass: Tall Pilsner
Bottle Size: 750ml

Moa Cascara Cider, an infusion of apple cider & Cascara. Cascara being the cherry skin of the coffee bean. This has created a refreshing mix of sweet & dry apple flavours, with a hint of Black Doris plum & cherry from the Cascara itself. Moa Cascara Cider has a peaty & earthy tone to the aroma, similar to an aged red wine. It displays a natural ‘rose’ colour.

A chance meeting with coffee expert Claris Jones-White led to a collaboration with Moa founder, Josh Scott. Claris understands the coffee cherry fruit inside-out and knew that she needed to collaborate with an experimental ‘beer explorer’ such as Josh to create a NZ first - combining two industries, two passionsand two raw products.

That work at Blenheim led to what is in this bottle today. A crisp apple cider, French oak aged, getting a good ‘pash’ from the Black Doris plum notes of Cascara. A ‘New World’ style beverage, served chilled will offer a surprising brightlift to the palate. 

Released: December 2015