Moa John Paul Grodziskie


Style: Oak Smoked Wheat Ale
ABV: 3.7%
Serving Glass: Pilsner Glass

Available only on draught at selected craft beer bars in New Zealand.

Named after Pope John Paul II, Poland’s most famous son, the distinctive character of this Polish style wheat ale (also known as Grätzer) comes from 100% oak wood smoked wheat malt, true to style.

Pale straw in colour and unfiltered, a light yeast haze is evident.

A pleasant smoke taste (without the ash tray astringency) is evident, and both hop aroma and bitterness (10 IBU) is low.  Light in body,  this beer is tart (not sour) from the wheat base but refreshing with an austere dryness. Light esters come through as the beer warms.