Moa Sour Series 2014

The Moa Sour Beer Series featuring some 2014 Vintages, our Sour Grapes and our Rum Barrel Sour

Moa Sour Grapes 2014 Vintage

2014 Vintage

Style: Belgian Fruit Lambic
ABV: 6.9%
Bottle Size: 375ml
Serving glass: Tulip

Moa Sour Grapes is a refreshing and uniquely unusual Belgian-style fruit lambic. A wheat beer base was fermented and conditioned with our house sour microflora. Generous amounts of whole bunch Sauvignon Blanc grapes were hand harvested from the Head Brewer’s Vineyard, and then left in contact with the wort during the main ferment and again in barrel for conditioning. Typical sour characters are evident in addition to the herbaceous vine like characters from the grapes.

Released: September 2015

Moa Rum Barrel Sour 2014 Vintage


Style: Sour Belgian Brown Ale
ABV: 9.0%
Bottle Size: 375ml
Serving glass: Tulip

Moa Rum Barrel Sour (2014 Vintage) is a rum barrel aged sour, loosely based on a Flanders Red Ale. The rich malt base has integrated with the vineous, slightly toasted oak flavours after 12 months conditioning in barrel, and is balanced by a mild Umami/savoury sourness, adding to the complexity of this beer. Sherry like with a strong raisin character, this slightly tart beer finishes with a warming mouthfeel.

Released: September 2015