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Shooting the extinct to preserve the endangered!

When the names Shelton Woolright, Otis Frizzell, Flox (Hayley King), Askew One and Dean Sacred are used in one sentence, you know it’s going to be good.


The exhibition Lonesome Beast Native was a continuation from 2014′s creative collaboration and photographic series ‘Lonesome Beast’ between Shelton Woolright and Dean Sacred, and this time round they added a few more popular local names to the mix.

The limited number of pieces  were on display in the iconic Old Elephant House at The Auckland Zoo from February 3rd wrapping up last night! 

The exhibition features 15 prints of Woolright’s photography, each customised with unique layers by one of the partner artists. Ten per cent of sales from all prints were donated towards The Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund, supporting conservation efforts in the wild throughout New Zealand and overseas.  A great example of kiwis banding together to make a difference. 

Woolright says the new Native exhibit aimed to create awareness around the reality of extinction of New Zealand’s endangered native birds and educate those who may otherwise be unaware of the importance of conservation.

Hayley King (Flox) says “a trademark of my work incorporates native elements of New Zealand including birds, ferns and flowers so I was thrilled to be asked to collaborate on a series that essentially gives back to my craft”.


Peter Fraser, Conservation Fund Programmes Coordinator for The Auckland Zoo, also thinks it’s fitting that the photographic series supports existing endangered wildlife by highlighting the beauty of the extinct.

“These were beautiful animals that unfortunately couldn’t be saved. The Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund gives a chance to the native wildlife we can help preserve, so we’re thankful Shelton and the others are helping raise awareness and funds for this great cause,” says Fraser.

A great exhibition, from some very talented people and proudly supported by Moa!



Cascara Cider

A world First...Cascara Cider

Cascara Cider


Cascara cider is the brain child of Moa Founder Josh Scott and self-proclaimed coffee and tea nerd Claris Jones-White. Having cottoned on to Cascara tea’s refreshing attributes, a chance meeting between Nelson-born Claris and Josh saw the collaboration take place. 

Firstly for those who don’t know, Cascara is the skin that remains after coffee beans are removed from the inside of a coffee cherry, athin-fleshed fruit which ripens around nine months after the coffee plant flowers. 

The brew was created by fashioning what became a giant tea bag, with each dunk the Moa brewers added a hit of Casacra, leaving both collaborators thrilled with the end product. 

“The black Doris plum properties and tea-like tannins of the coffee cherry skins work well with the dryness of the traditional apple cider, creating an almost peaty or whisky like finish. Serve it straight-up chilled, over ice or with a touch of fresh lime in the heat of the summer sun,” says Claris.

The result is an easily sippable cider with fruity flavours of apple, plum and cherry, a hint of oak from the French Oak chips also used in the fermentation process and a slightly peaty aftertaste. 


Moa Festive Pine


Moa Festive Pine

Moa Festive Green Edition

As the silly season approaches, Moa’s Festive IPA series has come full circle from its humble beginnings. Inspired by 2014’s first Festive IPA the Green Edition, the Moa brewers have been hard at work so that table settings can yet again be graced with a new Festive brew, the Pine Edition.

Festive IPA Green

Moa Festive IPA Pine Edition

Super hoppy at 78 IBU, the brew is a step up on its predecessor the Green Edition as American hops take centre stage offering the traditional pine aroma many associate with Christmas. Head brewer David Nicholls would recommend serving the IPA in a Tulip Style aromatic glass over a meal of poultry or game surrounded by family and friends. Anyone for turkey and beer?





My Uncle John grew up working for his Dad clearing the bush clad Bombay Hills of scrub and gorse. This was during the early 1940s so there were always Air Force planes buzzing overhead as they traveled to and from Ardmore on training flights.

With nothing much else going on, Uncle John decided he would rather be an Air Force Pilot than a scrub cutter.  So he applied for the New Zealand Air Force and was promptly turned down. Then he applied for the Australian Air Force and was turned down again. But rather than give up he said “Bugger these useless bastards, I’ll try my hand with the Poms”

So he hitched a ride to Auckland , got on a freight ship to Europe and, due to some miscommunication, found himself stranded in northeast Italy. Luckily a couple of nuns from a local convent took him in for a few days, and then with no other options he stuck out a thumb and hitched to England where he applied and eventually got in to the RAF.  

Fast forward a few years and Uncle John was an RAF Fighter Pilot for 66 Squ6adron at Linton on Ouse, flying Sabres and Hawker Hunters.  He flew jet fighters in combat all over the world.

After retiring from the Air Force he became a captain for Cathy Pacific who were quite keen on hiring ex-fighter pilots to fly their Jumbos into Hong Kong when you still had to dodge buildings to get to the runway. 

He truly loved flying, and when he returned to New Zealand in 1982 the first thing he did was build his own plane so he could go to any fishing spot he wanted to without having to dick around on a boat.

This picture of him was taken in the Christmas Islands. He flew there, and caught this shark and GT. 

I thought he looked like Roger Moore.
He was a cool guy.





This Mexican beer cocktail is the perfect balance between salty, sour, spicy, bitter and umami flavours, creating a refreshing drink.  Great any day of the week, especially if your feeling a little under the weather. 


Equal parts tomato juice & Moa Original

1 Tsp of Lucky Taco Jalapeno hot sauce or more if you like it hot.

½ Tsp of Worcestershire sauce

½ Tsp of Soy sauce

Juice of half a lemon &lime

Serve over ice with a stick of celery

Moa Beer Michelada




For those who have been waiting, it’s back. For those who are yet to experience one of our Festive IPA limited releases – we have a new reason for you to give it a nudge. Head Brewer David Nicholls has ramped up our highly popular limited release Festive IPA brew yet again, this time with a Belgian twist and more hops.

The new Festive IPA (Belgian Edition) comes close to 80 IBU, stepping up the stakes in subtle mouth-numbing bitterness and bold hop aromas and flavours. With a distinctive royal purple and bronze label, the third installment of the Festive IPA series swaps American yeast for Belgian and sports a fusion of American and Belgian styles. Belgian qualities come from the Belgian Ale yeast, known for its fruity and spicy flavours, whilst the complementary American hops Citra and Amarillo used for aromatics bring a light and very drinkable American influence.

“As the third evolution of the Festive IPA brews, the Belgian Edition satisfies the beer believer’s need for a classic, strong hoppy beer that also excites the palette with complex fruity and spicy characters,” David says.

Tasting notes:

American style India Pale Ale fermented with a Belgian ale yeast. Hopped with Columbus for bittering, late hopped with Amarillo, Simcoe and Citra, and dry hopped with Citra and Amarillo, citrus (tangelo) and pine resin characters feature in this hop dominant IPA. At 75-80 IBU your mouth will be left comfortably numb, making it the perfect beer for the mid-winter festive season..


  • Limited to 750 cases (12x500ml).
  • Available at leading craft beer outlets, selected New World, Pak n’ Save, Four Square, FreshChoice supermarkets nationwide, selected Liquorland and independent bottle stores nationwide, and selected craft beer bars nationwide. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details. 

About the Festive IPA series:

Our first Festive IPA (later named the Green Edition), was launched to coincide with the New Zealand Christmas/Summer Festive season in 2014, with pine-like hop characters to mirror the scent of freshly cut Christmas trees and embrace fond festive memories. The first release was a runaway success and with countless requests for more, David then created the Red Edition, an American IPA with smooth, caramel aromas from the medley of malts used. All-or-nothing American, the yeast used was American Ale yeast, and the hops used were all from America too. The Green Edition sat at about 70 IBU then the Red came in at 75 IBU.