Moa Beer has signed on as the official beer of the New Zealand Olympic team and will be supporting the team to the hilt as it prepares for the 2012 London Olympics.

Our Moa Brewery founder Josh Scott – a champion cyclist in his own right - says it’s all about Kiwis supporting Kiwis.

“Like our Olympians, we’re classic Kiwi champions – underdogs taking on the big guys, punching above our weight and beating them at their own game. As a premium beer brand, we know what it’s like to win gold and we want to help our Kiwi athletes to achieve similar success.

“This is the first time a craft brewery has held this level of sponsorship in New Zealand and we believe it’s also a world-first,” Scott says.

“It’s exciting for the industry as it really puts New Zealand craft beer on the map, and it’s also a wake-up call to the big brewers. We’re playing in the big leagues now – and we don’t have to sacrifice the quality of our beer to do so.”

Scott says Moa is committed to a long-term relationship with New Zealand’s champion sportsmen and women. “We’re excited that a wholly New Zealand-owned brand (with a uniquely Kiwi name) will be supporting our team. Unlike a certain Japanese-owned, German-named beer brand which has forsaken our Olympians, we ‘believe’ in our athletes and will be backing them all the way to London and beyond.”

Full details of the sponsorship will be announced over the coming months. Initial activity will see the release of limited edition Moa Olympic packaging – “black labels to match our athletes’ black singlets,” says Scott – and of course Moa beer being served at NZ Olympic Committee, VIP and partner events both at home and abroad.

Josh Scott says he’s looking forward to having the chance to showcase the best of Kiwi craft brewing to the world.

“It also means Kiwis can finally get to celebrate our success with a decent beer for a change.