We brought home some shiny metal this weekend. Picking up Bronze at the prestigious Brewing Industry International Awards in Britain. Now our paperwork will be forever unmolested by errant breezes with this impressive paperweight, which features the silhouette of a man leaning on a brewing vat for support.

Dubbed the brewing Oscars, 86 medals were awarded at the 2011 competition in Burton-upon-Trent, with Moa the only New Zealand beer to pick up a gong. Its Five Hop Barrel Reserve won Bronze in the Special Feature Beer category. “This is a terrific result for Moa,” says brewer Josh Scott.  “Since they began in London in 1886, these awards have been recognised as the premier brewing competition in the world.

“More than 750 beers were submitted for this year’s awards across nine categories and we’re delighted to be the only Kiwi brewery to pick up a medal. Unlike wine awards where more than one wine can win a ‘bronze standard’, medals are awarded to individual beers only.“It’s a real honour as all the judges are practising brewers with years of expertise in the tasting and commercial evaluation of beers,” says Scott. “Another unique feature of this competition is the judging categories are separated into classes defined primarily by alcoholic strength, which encourages diversity and innovation in beer styles.”