Moa Beer backs bid for new Kiwi Olympic glory.

The beer that toasted every Kiwi medal at the London Olympics has signed up again as the official beer of the New Zealand Olympic team for Rio 2016.

Moa Beer won’t wait four years before unleashing another support party though. The brand has also signed on to support the NZ teams at the Glasgow XX Commonwealth Games and Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014.

As the exclusive beer behind the 2012 NZ Olympic team, Moa supplied the thirsty masses at the purpose-built watering hole ‘Kiwi House‘ in London, generating valuable brand awareness and social media traction at home and abroad.

Moa chief executive Geoff Ross says Kiwi House also lit a fire under the brewery’s UK expansion.

“We put Moa on show for prospective business partners and, as a result, our first order is about to be shipped to UK distributor James Clay. We also found out which Moa varieties impressed the locals and of course celebrated Kiwi success with fans and athletes alike.”

With a UK distribution partner comes more opportunity for Moa to leverage the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, says Ross.

“Re-signing with the NZOC this early gives us four years to plan a bigger and better Moa beer presence wherever we go”.

Moa is not wasting any time getting set in the city of Samba either.  Brazilian distributor Oceania Group has been enlisted by the recently floated Blenheim brewery to supply the country.

“Brazil is a country that loves beer perhaps even more than New Zealand and we also have a few more mouths to drink it. The beer culture here is advanced so we think a premium product like Moa with such a diverse range of styles will prove very popular,” says Oceania Group Director Marconi Albuquerque Filho.

The expansion comes ahead of anticipated growth in the Latin American beer market and moves by the Brazilian government encouraging beer imports ahead of the FIFA World Cup.

“Through Oceania Group we’re already driving business in Rio with the first shipment scheduled for January 2013,” says Ross.

“We learned some key lessons from London on how best to leverage this great sponsorship opportunity and translate the celebration into tangible results and growth. Oceania Group was impressed with our execution in London and it’s great to have such a strong distributor on board heading in to Rio.

“We took more than 21,000 bottles to Kiwi House for the Games and there were queues stretching around the block almost every day to get in to enjoy a drop and party with everyone inside.”

“When the New Zealand team and support crew arrives in Rio for the next Olympics we’ll be there ready and waiting,” says Ross.