A world First...Cascara Cider

Cascara Cider


Cascara cider is the brain child of Moa Founder Josh Scott and self-proclaimed coffee and tea nerd Claris Jones-White. Having cottoned on to Cascara tea’s refreshing attributes, a chance meeting between Nelson-born Claris and Josh saw the collaboration take place. 

Firstly for those who don’t know, Cascara is the skin that remains after coffee beans are removed from the inside of a coffee cherry, athin-fleshed fruit which ripens around nine months after the coffee plant flowers. 

The brew was created by fashioning what became a giant tea bag, with each dunk the Moa brewers added a hit of Casacra, leaving both collaborators thrilled with the end product. 

“The black Doris plum properties and tea-like tannins of the coffee cherry skins work well with the dryness of the traditional apple cider, creating an almost peaty or whisky like finish. Serve it straight-up chilled, over ice or with a touch of fresh lime in the heat of the summer sun,” says Claris.

The result is an easily sippable cider with fruity flavours of apple, plum and cherry, a hint of oak from the French Oak chips also used in the fermentation process and a slightly peaty aftertaste.