Our list of NZ's
top 10 surfing spots

We've gathered some of New Zealand's best surf locations to prep you for summer. Get your sunnies, grab some mates and don't forget to bring some Moa cans to share for after a good session. Cheers!



1. Raglan (Manu Bay)

The small town of Raglan hosts New Zealand’s most famous surf spot in Manu Bay. The world class Raglan breaks can get rough. Every year Manu Bay (“the point”) is home to several international surfing competitions.


2. Shipwreck Bay (Ahipara)

Shipwreck Bay is located at the southernmost point of Ninety Mile Beach and known as an excellent surfing spot, where you can catch big long rides.

3. Wainui

The fast and powerful waves of Wainui break well around the sandy beach. There are several peaks down the beach you can surf, where waves can reach up to 8 ft.

4. Taranaki

Travel along Tranaki’s coastline on Surf Highway 45 and you’re bound to find lots of great spots here. The views aren’t too bad either.

5. Coromandel

The whole east coast of the Coromandel peninsula is surrounded by great surf beaches. Among them is Hot Water Beach, where you can ride some hollow barrels. It’s one of the nicest and more popular beaches in New Zealand, it has natural hot springs, where people will dig holes at low tide.

6. Kaikoura

Kaikoura has some quality surf spots, so prepare for big, powerful and hollow waves. Some can reach up to 20ft+. The popular little tourist town is located on the East Coast of the South Island, and renowned for the whale watching and swimming with dolphins.

7. Piha

Close to Auckland, the black sand beach of Piha is located on the West Coast. With its powerful beach breaks it is a must for experienced surfers.

8. Great Barrier Island

A world famous surfing destination. Its Pacific swells can go up to 2 meters. You’ll have a unique experience, being surrounded by (often) deserted pristine white sand beaches.


One of the few beaches that is very suitable for beginners, while it can get offer some great waves and good barrels. Located on the South Island in Dunedin, it is a popular local spot and can get busy on a good day in summer.

10. Taylors Mistake

This popular beach in Christchurch, South Island gets crowded for a reason: Taylors produces proper powerful waves up to 10 ft. and you can catch heaps of speed.