When the names Shelton Woolright, Otis Frizzell, Flox (Hayley King), Askew One and Dean Sacred are used in one sentence, you know it’s going to be good.


The exhibition Lonesome Beast Native was a continuation from 2014′s creative collaboration and photographic series ‘Lonesome Beast’ between Shelton Woolright and Dean Sacred, and this time round they added a few more popular local names to the mix.

The limited number of pieces  were on display in the iconic Old Elephant House at The Auckland Zoo from February 3rd wrapping up last night! 

The exhibition features 15 prints of Woolright’s photography, each customised with unique layers by one of the partner artists. Ten per cent of sales from all prints were donated towards The Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund, supporting conservation efforts in the wild throughout New Zealand and overseas.  A great example of kiwis banding together to make a difference. 

Woolright says the new Native exhibit aimed to create awareness around the reality of extinction of New Zealand’s endangered native birds and educate those who may otherwise be unaware of the importance of conservation.

Hayley King (Flox) says “a trademark of my work incorporates native elements of New Zealand including birds, ferns and flowers so I was thrilled to be asked to collaborate on a series that essentially gives back to my craft”.


Peter Fraser, Conservation Fund Programmes Coordinator for The Auckland Zoo, also thinks it’s fitting that the photographic series supports existing endangered wildlife by highlighting the beauty of the extinct.

“These were beautiful animals that unfortunately couldn’t be saved. The Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund gives a chance to the native wildlife we can help preserve, so we’re thankful Shelton and the others are helping raise awareness and funds for this great cause,” says Fraser.

A great exhibition, from some very talented people and proudly supported by Moa!