This recipe is super easy, it requires ZERO cooking and only a few fresh ingredients.  We managed to throw ours together in a caravan before wandering up to the neighbours for a BBQ.  

Instead of heading to the supermarket to collect your plastic wrapped fish (where trevally can be $35/kilo!) consider catching your own. Not only does it give you a sense of achievement but you learn the ecological surroundings of the fish, its behaviours and what environment it is best caught.  If we only take what we need – there is no waste! 

Fresh, sustainably sourced fish (Trevally and Kingfish are best for raw dishes)
3/4 can Coconut cream
1/2 a Red onion
1 x Green capsicum
1 x Fresh Chilli (you can use chilli flakes but fresh is best)
1 x Lime / Lemon
A handful of Coriander & cracked pepper to taste.

Clean/fillet your fish and slice into thin strips
Squeezed lemon, cover at least 90% of your fish
Chop all your dry ingredients into small bits
Throw it all into a bowl and cover with the coconut cream, make sure all the ingredients are completely soaked in cream with a small amount of leftover liquid around the bottom.
Get your hands in there and toss the ingredients around until everything is mixed nicely.
Season with cracked pepper and coriander

Grab our Gerwurz IPA or Southern Alps IPA and you’ll be the star of your summer barbie!