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A hark back to brewing the way it was 7,000 years ago has seen Moa Brewing Co. take away three awards for its sour beers at the Australian International Beer Awards in Melbourne last night.

Moa’s Sour Grapes 2014 Vintage and Cherry Sour 2013 Vintage each scored a silver in the 'Other Belgian/French Style Ale' category to pip offers from Italy to the US and even China. Moa’s Sour Blanc 2012 Vintage was then awarded a bronze in the 'Best Belgian/French Style Ale' section otherwise dominated exclusively by Belgian beers. 

A further six gongs were tallied up across the evening via variants from the brewery’s diverse range, totaling nine awards across the evening.

The AIBA, conducted by The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV), is the largest annual beer competition in the world assessing both packaged and draught beer. 

Sour beers have an intentionally acidic and tart taste to them, made by allowing wild or naturally occurring yeast strains into the brew.  The result is most akin to how beer was brewed naturally some 7,000 years ago.

“We’ve been working on our sour program for six years now, and we’re really pleased at how the beers have developed over the last few years in particular.  With sours being the hot category in the US craft scene right now, it’s fantastic to get some kudos that we’re delivering some world class beers,” says head brewer David Nicholls.

New Zealand brewer’s growing reputation for excellence was highlighted by ParrotDog, Epic, Lion and DB picking up trophies, with ParrotDog also picking up the title of Champion Small International Brewery.

The full Moa medal haul is as follows:

  • Silver - Moa Sour Grapes 2014 Vintage (Other Belgian/French style Ale)
  • Silver - Moa Cherry Sour 2013 (Other Belgian/French style Ale)
  • Silver - Moa Southern Alps White IPA (Best Wheat Beer)
  • Silver - Moa Rum Barrel Quad (Wood Aged - Best Specialty Beer) 
  • Bronze - Moa Original Lager (Best Australian Style Lager)
  • Bronze - Moa South Pacific IPA (Intl. Pale Ale) 
  • Bronze - Moa Festive IPA Red Edition (American Style - Best IPA) 
  • Bronze - Moa Sour Blanc 2012 Vintage (Best Belgian/French style Ale)
  • Bronze - Moa Tripel Sauvignon 2014 Vintage (Other Specialty Beer)

The full list of winners can be found by clicking here.


New Zealand craft beer brewers have enhanced their international reputation for excellence with another big showing at the Australian International Beer Awards.

Kiwi beers took home a total of 65 awards including six trophies and seven gold medals.

Marlborough craft brewer Moa won with their Special Reserve range and took away six awards including Gold in the Belgian Lambic style with their Moa Sour Blanc. The awards had a record number of entries with 1490 different beers entered from brewers spanning 35 countries.

“New Zealand entries were up 37% at the Aussie awards this year and that just goes to show how strong the local craft brewing industry is. It’s awesome to see so many Kiwi brews doing so well on the international stage,” says Moa executive brewer Josh Scott.

“Four brewers, including Moa, also won awards in the ‘Other Specialty’ category which just demonstrates how creative and unique we are with our approach to flavours and styles here in New Zealand. Our Master Brewer David Nicholls puts a load of passion into what he does and it’s great to have that rewarded with three medals for Special Reserve Moa brews.”

The local brewing industry was also recognised with Brain Watson (Contract Brewing), Doug Donelan (NZ Hops), Luke Nicholas (Epic Beer), Ralph Bungard (Three Boys Brewery), Richard Emerson (Emersons Brewery), Shane Morley (Steam Brewing) all serving as judges.

New Zealand results below.

Full results: click here

*MOA BREWING CO, MARLBOROUGH = 6 medals (1 gold, 1 silver, 4 bronze)

  • Gold in Belgian Lambic: Moa Sour Blanc
  • Silver in Abbey Tripel: Moa St Josephs
  • Bronze in Other Specialty: Moa Ten Year Beer
  • Bronze in Wood Aged: Moa Whiskey Pilsner
  • Bronze in Bohemian Style Pilsner: Moa Original
  • Bronze in British Style: Moa Five Hop

*Renaissance Brewing Ltd, Marlborough = 2 trophies and 9 medals (1 gold, 1 silver, 7 bronze)

  • Trophy for Champion Small International Brewery
  • Trophy for Best Scotch Ale/Barley Wine: Tribute 2011 Barley Wine
  • Gold in Barley/Wheat Wine: Tribute 2011 Barley Wine
  • Silver in Scotch Ale: Stonecutter Scotch Ale
  • Bronze in Other Specialty: Renaissance Enlightenment Great Punkin
  • Bronze in Other Specialty: Renaissance Enlightenment White as – wheat IPA
  • Bronze in Barley/Wheat Wine: Tribute 2012
  • Bronze in Other Pale Ale: Renaissance MPA
  • Bronze in British Other: Voyager IPA
  • Bronze in Other Amber Dark Ale: Renaissance Enlightenment Black the RIPA
  • Bronze in Wood Aged (Draught): Oak Aged Stonecutter Scotch Ale

*Lion – The Pride, Auckland = 2 trophies and 9 medals (3 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze)

  • Trophy for Best Australian Style Lager: Mac’s Gold
  • Trophy for Best Pilsner: Mac’s Hop Rocker
  • Gold in Other Pilsner: Mac’s Hop Rocker
  • Gold in Australian Style Lager: Mac’s Gold
  • Gold in Low Carbohydrate Lager: Mac’s Spring Tide
  • Silver in Other Pilsner: Speight’s Triple Hop Pilsner
  • Silver in Belgian Wit: Mac’s Great White
  • Bronze in Other Pilsner: Crafty Beggars Golden Days
  • Bronze in Australian Style Pale Ale: Mac’s Shady Pale
  • Bronze in Other Pale Ale: Crafty Beggars Pale & Interesting
  • Bronze in Other Pale Ale: Speight’s Golden Pale Ale

*Tuatara Brewing Co., Kapiti-Wellington = 1 trophy and 6 medals (1 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze)

  • Trophy for Best Packaging: Pilsner 12 Bottle Carton
  • Gold in Consumer Retail Packaging: Pilsner 12 Bottle Carton
  • Silver in British Style Pale Ale: Tuatara India Pale Ale
  • Silver in Other Pale Ale: Tuatara Aotearoa Pale Ale
  • Silver in Imperial/Double IPA: Tuatara Double Trouble
  • Bronze in Robust Porter: Tuatara Porter
  • Bronze in German Style Hefe: Tuatara Hefe

*8 Wired Brewing, Marlborough = 1 trophy and 6 medals (1 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze)

  • Trophy for Best IPA: Superconductor
  • Gold in Imperial/Double IPA: Superconductor
  • Silver in Other IPA: Hopwired
  • Silver in American Style Red: Tall Poppy
  • Bronze in Imperial Stout: iStout
  • Bronze in Other Belgian & French Ale: Saison Sauvin
  • Bronze in Smoked: The Big Smoke

*Three Boys Brewery, Christchurch = 4 medals (4 bronze)

  • Bronze in British Style Pale Ale: Three Boys IPA
  • Bronze in Robust Porter: Three Boys Porter
  • Bronze in Dry Stout: Three Boys Oyster Stout
  • Bronze in Belgian Wit: Three Boys Wheat

*McCashins Brewery, Nelson = 3 medals (2 silver, 1 bronze)

  • Silver in Other British Style Ale: Stoke Bomber Bohemian Ale
  • Silver in Other Amber Dark Ale: Stoke Dark
  • Bronze in Other European Lager: Stoke Bomber Smokey Ale

*Harringtons Brewery, Christchurch = 3 medals (1 silver, 2 bronze)

  • Silver in American Style Amber Lager: 2011 Dark
  • Bronze in English Style Dark Mild: Pig&Whistle
  • Bronze in Baltic Style Porter: Baltic-ler

*Epic Brewing Company, Auckland = 2 medals (1 silver, 1 bronze)

  • Silver in American Style: Epic Armageddon IPA
  • Bronze in Other Specialty: Epicurean Coffee & Fig Stout

*Croucher Brewing Ltd, Rotorua = 2 medals (2 bronze)

  • Bronze in Other Pilsner: Croucher Brewing Pilsner
  • Bronze in Other Amber Dark Ale: Croucher Brewing Patriot

*ParrotDog Brewing Ltd, Wellington = 2 medals (2 bronze)

  • Bronze in English Style Dark Mild: Dogg
  • Bronze in Herb & Spice: Day of the Dead

*Garage Project, Wellington = 2 medals (2 bronze)

  • Bronze in Wood Aged Porter: Lord Cockswain’s Courage: Double-Barrel Edition
  • Bronze in Other Specialty: Dark Arts

*Dale’s Brewing Co Ltd, Nelson

  • Silver in American Style Red: Dale’s American Amber Ale

*Deep Creek Brewing, Auckland

  • Bronze in Other Amber Dark Ale: The Dusty Gringo

*DB Breweries, Auckland

  • Bronze in Wood Aged Porter: Montheiths Barrel Aged Porter

*Golden Bear Brewing Ltd, Nelson

  • Bronze in Robust Porter (Draught): Blackbeard Pirate Porter

*Invercargill Brewery, Southland

  • Bronze in Wood Aged Stout: Pitch Black Imperial


Moa Beer has romped home with seven medals at the Australian International Beer Awards, more than any other New Zealand beer.

We won gold for our Moa Five Hop Ale in the British Style Ale (Packaged) category, as well as two silvers for Moa Original (European style lager) and Moa Five Hop (Wood-aged beer). It also took out four bronzes for Moa Methode (European style lager), Moa Pale Ale (American-style pale ale), Moa St Josephs (Abbey-style, Dubbel & Triple ales) and Moa Imperial Stout (Hybrid beer).

Moa founder Josh Scott says the awards are not only a terrific result for Moa but also a great reflection on New Zealand craft beer generally.

“It’s always awesome when we beat the Aussies on their home turf and we take great pleasure in sticking it to them in this case as well.

“We’re extremely happy with the results, which all count towards our quest for super-premium beer world domination.

“And in addition to Moa’s wins, we’re equally chuffed to see our Marlborough neighbours Renaissance scoring big with their Craftsman Oatmeal which took home the Champion Stout trophy as well as four other medals.

“Likewise the other Kiwi craft beers making the medal table – the likes of Yeastie Boys, Stoke, Croucher, Founders and Invercargill Brewery. Nice one guys.”

Josh also congratulates New Zealand brands Tui Blonde and Mac’s Gold, which both received bronze awards in the Australian-style lager category: “I guess picking up an Aussie-style award is some sort of compliment.”