Style: Golden Ale
ABV: 5.4%
Serving Glass: Tulip Glass
Bottle Size: 375ml

Bottles from Countdown
And available on draught at selected craft beer bars in New Zealand.

Just in time for Rio. Unlike Rio.

We’re obviously pretty bloody thrilled to be a supporter of the New Zealand Olympic team, and seeing as we’re a brewery, we thought we should probably make a beer you could watch The Games and eat hot chips with. So we did and it’s a Golden Ale and it looks like this.  

But we didn’t make a whole lot so it’s only available for a short time at Countdown and selected bars. Unless no one buys it, in which case it will be around for a while. Go New Zealand! 

This golden colour ale is brewed predominantly with Pilsner malts, Vienna and a touch of Wheat, giving a mild malt sweetness. Both late hopped and dry hopped with NZ Motueka to provides an upfront passionfruit and pineapple characters that give way to some pine and lemonade-type citrus flavours. This beer has a lingering clean after-bitterness with a dry finish, best enjoyed when celebrating a New Zealand Gold!