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Vogels mixed grain toasted ale

Here at Moa we’ve thrown in our lot with another Kiwi classic - Vogel’s. And together we’ve brewed up something special.

We threw in our brewing expertise and Vogel’s bakers threw in their loaves - literally. After all, each one is packed with heaps of tasty, nutty grains so why complicate things. Then we toasted our malt. Because Vogel’s is best toasted too.

The result? A deliciously balanced, lightly-hopped beer - with a bit of chew of course.

Vogel’s and Moa. A recipe for a classic ale. And one more delicious thing to toast.


Style: Ale  
Alcohol: 5%  
Available in: 440ml Can


Straight Up IPA

Strange lights hovered over a deserted Marlborough country road, and all of a sudden a beam of pure brewing inspiration sucked our brewer Straight Up to a place where hops rule, and the harvest is all consuming. Let complex aromas invade your nostrils, and fresh flavours of citrus, pine and pineapple from hops like Comet and the mysterious Number 06277 probe your eager taste buds.

Style: India Pale Ale  
Alcohol: 6.9%  
Available in: 440ml Can


Thirsty Bulldog Summer Ale

A huge hit with visitors to Moa’s Marlborough brewery, this charming English Summer Ale style brew boasts all UK hops (Fuggles and East Kent Goldings), along with Kiwi and English Ale malts. Notes of coriander, subtle fruit esters and a hint of ginger spice bring further dimensions of flavour to this easy drinking drop, making it the perfect companion for a warm summer’s day - or pretty much any day for that matter.

Style: English Summer Ale  
Alcohol: 4.7%  
Available in: 440ml Can

Moa_Bulldog Summer_440Can_MockUp_700px.png